Sep 22, 2009

In the Beginning

So,I'm sitting here staring at this blank page,I've decided to tell you about what I'm here for,what I want to begin,what I want to finish at the top of.
It's being a horsewoman.The best to my ability.In 80+ years,I expect to have:showing,barrel racing,roping,reining,&&jumping under my belt.
I have the best horses to get me there.

KaciaLuckyBarFritz.Registered AQHA Red Roan Mare.5 yrs old.Stands like a miniature giant at 14'2 hh(I know she sounds little,but I gotta give it to her she's got a big heart)."Kacida"as she is known around the barn,is the first horse that I have started,by myself.She has walked over a 100 miles carrying me from Milton,FL to Bonifay,FL,2 yrs in a row now.This weekend will be the start of a 3rd yr.She's patterned for barrels,working on poles.She stops on a dime.She's got the perfect little attitude.&&if I ever had to trust her with my life,you can bet I would.

Skip N Sassafras.Registered AQHA Gray Mare.6 yrs old.Stands at about barely 15 hh."Sassafras"as she is known around the barn,is the 2ND horse that I have taken the challenge of training myself.She neck reins,great reverse gear,started walking && trotting the pattern recently.She's a great trail horse.Smooth mover,with a nice confirmation.She is known as the "very sensitive horse",if you believe that horses are categorized by their personalities.She has no problem being at the top of the "pecking order"but,that has nothing to do with the upper-hand,which is of course the girl going out there in the rain,cold,heat,wind,or any other serious weather to feed!"Sass"is that horse that doesn't demand attention,but definitely never refuses it.If you get frustrated with her,she gets frustrated right back.The only way to teach her anything,or get anything at all across her mind,is to do it slow,patiently,quietly,&&with a smile.

Then there's Jessie.What to say about Jessie?Let's's fairly simple.
He's the thoroughbred/quarter cross.Hard keeper.Long legs.Long body.Meets stocky quarter horse bloodlines.He's a hard keeper,who loves to eat.He's that horse that loves to run,doesn't so much mind stopping either.He's got a nice set of big,soft,brown eyes that easily say"I'm here,I'll listen,IF you scratch my belly"
Jessie was given to me,as a barrel horse.Yes indeed he has had training,&&can run the pattern...It's getting him to run the pattern,or as I see it,having the patience TO get him to run the pattern..I have just set him loose in the pasture,only to saddle up && ride him when I need the extra horse,or just have the awful feeling that I've been neglecting him.He's nothing special to meet the eye.He's that sorrel horse,with one hind sock,&&one small star,that blends into the crowd...but to me he's pretty.He takes care of me when I'm on him,that's all he needs to do to win my heart !

There are a total of 11 horses(including the above 3)but not all of them do I ride,nor would I wish to ride every time I grab the saddle,but it would not be fair for me to leave out one very important black stud.He's got a big heart,with strong bold black-eyes,not one speck of white is on him.Boy,he's a beauty,he has a soft spot for kisses,treats,&&any other form of attention.He's the cutest horse you've ever seen,if only it were simple enough that I could have the pleasure I've riding this,bucking,rearing,running,"insides are about to bounce out,if I open my mouth"trotting,steed.But you see,it is not that simple.Because McGee is a mini.
His withers come up to barely my thighs.&&I stand at around only 5'3.My feet drag the ground if I do decide to straddle his fat belly only to find him taking off underneath me&&sweeping me off of my feet(he is quite the Romeo of the 21st century).McGee,you see,is the one that I go to for a good laugh,he is the horse that has the personality theme of "if you're gonna make me stand here,could I at least have something to do?"He does nothing,absolutely nothing without reason,or unless he believes that he will get some reward for it.He constantly walks on the front porch,scaring the cats off of their kibble,only to try && slurp it down.Of course,he does nothing wrong in my eyes,&&this is just another very cute moments that I believe I should live for !His best friend is the black filly,&&the German Shepherd(I believe he only tolerates her,so he can attempt to chase her off her food&&eat it)He is definitely the character out of the crew !

But that's all for now I'm afraid,duty calls,I must watch the rain fall,&&get McGee off of the porch !

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