Oct 3, 2009

So I haven't wrote anything in over a week.
I have been on the Bonifay Wagon Train Ride.
With my group called the "Heckowee Tribe".
We rode on horseback from Milton,FL to Bonifay,FL,for the annual Bonifay Rodeo && Bonifay Rodeo Dance.It was a great trip.Straight down Highway 90.I have found over the past few years that I have done this annual ride,the anxiety&&stress of riding between cars,trucks,semis,motorcycles,bycycles,&&trains gets better && better everyday.
It takes 6 days.Our shortest day being the last day is 8 miles,our longest day being Wed.is 19 miles.
The group of people,well they are a crazy crowd.But even if I could not one person would I ever change.

*Tommy:Leader/Chief of the Heckowees,is by far someone whom I idolize && love dearly.
The world would not be the same without him.He's the first person I would ever go to for a good laugh.

















This was the group that went to Bonifay.One big family,looking out for eachother,making fun of eachother,&&learning from&&helping one another.Without us,where would we all be ?
Certainly not making the long trek to Bonifay FL !

But that's enough about that !
Sometime this week I am going to look at a horse that runs barrels !
I have seen pictures&&gotten references.
This mare is a bay,which I'm excited about that...I am a fan of bay horses !
If she doesn't work out...there is a sorrel mare that I have been told about so the horses just keep coming !

later ya'll !

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